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EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. has been founded in Egypt by its founder Mr. Abdelhameed Babiker, a Sudanese businessman an Electrical Engineer by profession, a 1979 graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Khartoum (Sudan) who has achieved many business successes in the Arab countries, African and Far East countries. The founder brings over to the company vast experience in engineering, technology and wide areas of business gained through his career and working as a businessman since 1987 in many companies, he being one of their founders and active drivers. We look forward to contribute in many governmental projects in the home country and in the African and Middle East regions. As well, we are having our plans to put direct investment in many viable projects varying from Energy to industry and having a market share in the export and import line in the region. We insist to open cooperation with experienced institutes and professionals world-wide in the various areas in project development and recruit the best staff along with continued training. Our strategy is to get to the maximum achievement, gain profitability and customer satisfaction.
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It is my honour to address the visitors of our company EXCELEER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. website, here, with great emphasis that we exert our maximum efforts to meet their satisfaction. I myself, Eng. Abdelhameed Babiker, has passed through long life and business experiences, the essence of which, me and my well trained and highly qualified team present to all our work venues so as to get customer satisfaction, create new opportunities, innovate and meet all challenges so that our mutual achievements reach the maximum. I got through my over forty years’ experience and travelling around the world from East to West, travelling also through our mother continent Africa, to gain knowledge of important people and learn about the natures of each of the countries I visited. This gives me inspiration and insistence to work more with great patience and utmost determination to achieve higher goals. The same goes for every individual of those who work in EXCELEER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. programmes. Unlimited efforts, ambition, understanding, thought, initiative and use of every available tools and resources to reach our goals and customer goals are what describes our trend in business. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquires and we will be positive all the time. Best regards and best wishes to all.

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In EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. we stand to our customer requirements at the minimum response time, efficiency, adherence to quality and cost effectiveness giving smart up to date solutions. We bring technology from the best world technology leaders. We do our best to find solutions adapted to your business parameters and objectives. We put ourselves in the first position to serve our dear customers, whoever, wherever and whenever they call upon us.
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Stand to our customer requirements. 100%
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