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Our Energy project services cover the areas of all renewable energy versions besides to conventional energy such as thermal or hydropower energy systems.


Our Infrastructure project services cover the areas all infrastructure projects such as Roads and airports, Railways, Dams, Electrical power networks, Communications.


Our Agriculture project services cover the areas of using the modern technology and latest scientific research to increase productivity and meet with market demand.


Our Education project services cover the areas of establishing educational institutions and providing modern educational aid.
Industrial plants

Industrial plants

Our Industrial project services cover the areas of Provision of integrated solutions to industrial plants including technology transfer.


Our Engineering project services cover the areas of Engineering Design in all aspects of living and work environment.


Our Transport project services cover the areas of Air transport, road transport, river and sea transport and railway transport


Our IT project services cover the area of Automation of Management and Meteorological Services to Agriculture.


Our Consultancy services cover the areas of conducting feasibility studies, Asset evaluation and Business support
Equipment and Tools

Equipment and Tools

We cover the areas of Heavy Equipment, Engineering Tools, Medical Equipment, Scientific equipment and Surveillance systems.


Our Scientific services cover the areas of connecting with scientific and engineering application areas.


Our Trade activity services cover the areas of Export of food stuff and agricultural crops and Import fuels, sugar and industrial ingredients.


Our Financial services cover the areas of provision of necessary funding to our own projects or projects we are contracting on.


One of the major areas of interest of our company is to develop and operate projects in the energy sector. This is because of the ever growing demand for energy especially in our region. Amongst energy solutions we tend to work in renewable energy solutions including:-

  1. Solar energy
  2. Wind energy
  3. Geothermal energy
  4. Waste to energy conversion
  5. Underwater turbine technology

In all those areas, we integrate our efforts and experience with the best of renewable energy technology providers. We also integrate the best technical and financial teams, to involve are such projects.

We also follow and support any future development in the renewable energy sector through work and as well through our relations with the international energy technology providers.

Nevertheless, we are also ready to look into projects involving other sources of energy such as the classic thermal or hydropower energy generation systems.


– Roads and airports
– Railways
– Dams
– Electrical power transmission and distribution networks
– Housing and Building construction
– Hospitals
– Schools
– Water treatment and supply
– Municipal and rural development


When we look into two existing facts, namely the vast agricultural lands and water resources represented in the River Nile basin going through Sudan and Egypt, along with the fact that the world demand for food keeps growing, we realize that a good company with adequate level of creativity and resources, would never ever miss focusing on investment in the agricultural sector in this aforesaid area of the world. In fact if good efforts are done this area of the world with long history in the agricultural activity, could be the safeguard for its inhabitants and the inhabitants of the Earth planet against hunger and lack of good food.

That is why EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY is attending heavily to this sector of investment.

We practice to invest in agriculture using the modern technology and latest scientific research to increase productivity and meet with market demand, thanks to our un-superseded relations with world agriculture technology providers.

We, therefore, use new the latest technology in the field of Agriculture, including use of renewable energy to provide the driving force for agricultural projects.


Education is a pivotal factor in human life development. EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY gives intense attention to this factor of development, in more than a way, e.g.:-

  1. Investing in establishing or participating in establishing educational institutions, whether basic education or higher education.
  2. Assisting educational institutions from primary schools to college and university levels in building up their capabilities in construction of healthy learning environment and equipping institutions with the late of the art educational aid ware.
  3. Providing modern educational aid to educational institutions.
  4.  Considering social responsibility as far as possible in this part of human important activity.

Supply of complete industrial plants

Provision of integrated solutions in the field of industry by cost minimizing to enhance competition chances in external markets, is one of our basic strategies, as we also focus on the improvement of transfer industries to cope with export measures.

We here provide to the Industry Sector reliable plants, technology and know-how from renounced world manufacturers, covering:

  1. Complete industrial plant in the following areas:
  • Food industry from large sugar factories to diary, meat and fruit processing factories from world renounced technology producers
  • Electric vehicles industry. This is the future replacement to petroleum driven vehicles. EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY shares with world renounced investors in this sector to assure our home countries (Sudan and Egypt) take over fast and firm on this discipline.
  • Production lines and engineering systems where required in all types of simple and sophisticated industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry: EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY has the best world relations in the pharmaceutical industry. We intend partnering with other world institutions and involving high experts to have a substantial share in this sector
  • Packaging lines: This is a basic feeding line to all types of industry. We are available to provide the best solutions from world expert manufacturers
  • Plastic industry: Thanks to good relations with Italian and Taiwanese manufacturers, we are ready to provide assistance in establishing plastic industry units, simple or sophisticated.
  • Construction equipment: concrete plants and handling equipment, prefabricated panels, Steel bars production lines, asphalt plants and paving equipment, scaffolding, lifting equipment …. Etc., we are able to provide from the utmost reliable world manufacturers
  1. Support of technology transfer

This comes through encouragement of:

  • Manufacturing basic materials, making use of available resources
  • Supporting of establishing assembly lines for the various parts and devices of important daily use
  1. Industrial inputs basic materials:

we can supply from good producers, basic input materials needed in industry, that being metal sheets or components, chemicals, nocked-down equipment for assembly lines …. Etc.


With our wide group of engineers in the various engineering specialties, we are available always to participate and invest in:-
a) Project engineering design
b) Industrial plant design and set-up
c) Electrical power grid design
d) Lighting systems design
e) Air-conditioning system calculations and selection
f) Drinking water and sewage systems design
g) Urban and rural planning
h) Etc. etc.


We consider transport as a key factor for economic and social development and human comfort. EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY investment in this sector comes as a priority from real sure return on investment and true existence in the daily life.

For sure, we also assist big institutions working in the transport environment (air transport, road transport, river and sea transport and railway transport) to achieve their goals by technical assistance, outsourcing equipment and finance as well.


  • Automation of Management:

From two types of automation: automation in the industry sector and automation in the managerial sector, we provide our procedures for serving automation in the managerial sector:

Our company adopts automation systems for their demand in many work and live areas. Such trend in business would provide solutions to management automation by replacing the manual classic methods by full automation program solutions. This covers using e-mails to transfer information, updating the data bases, processing repeatable invoices and minimizing the usage of paper and printing and photocopying devices.

Perfect procedures and computer applications are designed to reach the ultimate targets of our services in this line. These include using software applications such as Workflow Management Systems and Cloud Based Workflow.

    • IT Services for the Agriculture Sector:

    We provide our IT services to the public and private sectors in the field of agricultural projects, this includes:

    1. Data analyses
    2. Reports editing
    • Agro-meteorology sciences including the study of the impact of weather and climate versions on the agricultural sector.
    1. Location data analysis
    2. Conducting the studies related to climate and the impact of climate change on the different sectors by using programs such as PYTHON , R , ARCGIS , MS Power BI


Thanks to our close and sincere relations with various top specialists consultancy groups in Egypt, Sudan, Switzerland and Italy, we are able to help our clients to achieve good technical and economic consultancy in the areas including:-

  1. Conducting feasibility studies for all interested parties locally or abroad.
  2. Asset evaluation locally or abroad by our professional experts
  3. Business support: We secure applying modern programs for financial management and the latest technology in the control and follow-up of the managerial, marketing and accounting activities in institutions and companies.

Equipment and Tools Provision

i. Heavy Equipment
ii. Engineering Equipment and Tools
iii. Medical Equipment
iv. Scientific equipment
v. Laboratories
vi. Training equipment
vii. Safety equipment
viii. Power back-up equipment
ix. Surveillance systems for traffic maagement


EXCELLER INVESTMENT AND TECHNOLOGY considers science as the charm of humanity. We target to connect with scientific and engineering institutions on the local level or on the international level, aiming of strengthening the tie between research and life applications.
Within this interest, we plan a scientific magazine to be launched in Arabic language issuing from Egypt and involving a wide scientists and researchers contribution from all the Arabic and international society. This will be of many good benefits to the youth in particular by increasing knowledge, creativity, close follow-up of scientific development and discoveries. It will also help the industry to be in touch with research and new college and university graduates, thus helping in increasing employment chances.


a) Import:
– Food stuff e.g. sugar, wheat, wheat flour …
– Fuel
– Industrial inputs
– Agricultural fertilizers
b) Export:
– Meat
– Gum Arabic
– Sesame seeds
– Groundnuts (peanuts)
– Herbs


Finance is provided in:
a) Short and long term financing including SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) financing
b) Trade finance covering import and export
c) Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) finance when addressing infrastructure projects.
We target to outsource finance often as need dictates from local, regional or international institutions for the projects we own fully or partially or projects we contract on. This always depends in principle on us introducing our feasible projects to seek finance. We do not facilitate or solicit financing for other parties.
We always create the chances for partnerships , involving technical experience, financial capability, Smart partnerships.

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